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6 mil polyethylene film6 mil polyethylene film for agriculture:

-Made of durable low density polyethylene material.
-Superior clarity, strength and toughness, weather-resistant and tear-proof.
-Provides higher light transmission for plant photosynthesis.
-UV resistant for prolonged sun exposure and creates an optimum greenhouse environment.
-Protect plants and crops from the bad weather & enjoy longer growing seasons.
-Clean film with soap and water to prolong the life of the film.
-Grower solution creates optimum environment for flowers and ornamental plants.

6 mil polyethylene film for industry:

Our Clear Poly Sheeting can be used to protect equipment, machinery and materials from dust, moisture and dirt.

– A vapor barrier to contain hazardous dust, asbestos, lead paint and in mold remediation work;
– Temporary walls;
– Weather-proofing;
– Covering fresh concrete and under mulch in landscaping;
– more economical than drop cloths for painting. Made from strong, clear low density polyethylene plastic. Use inside or outside to cover, protect, separate or moisture-proof.

Clear or translucent polyethylene sheets are strong transmitters of sunlight, and trap heat. One advantage of Clear poly over Black poly is the translucence and visibility through the plastic sheeting.6 mil polyethylene film

6 mil polyethylene film for packaging:

1) protect surfaces from pollution, collision and scraping in production, transportation, storage and installation.

2) there is no residue and imprint on the protected surface.

3) easy to use and easy to peel off.

4) stability of adsorption force.

6 mil polyethylene film for plastic bags:

The supermarket plastic bag is made with PE as the raw material. The material of the supermarket plastic shopping bag is HDPE, part of bulk food bag and the fresh-keeping film material are LDPE, which is the high pressure plastic bag. The thickness of single layer plastic film must not be less than 0.025mm. Generally speaking, the thickness of 5 mil is the standard. So 6 mil plastic bags are conventional thickness.

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