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Provide many specs of pe films, can also custom according to your requirements.

Wide Heat Shrinkable Film

Applicable packaging industry:
Large machinery and equipment, central air conditioning, ships, yachts, refractory materials (refractory bricks), ceramics (tiles, baths), engines and motors, various storage areas, elevators, construction tools, scaffolding, aircraft, aircraft engines and parts, metal parts and materials, large pipes, cement and concrete materials or bricks, furniture, automobiles, and any large-size objects stored outdoors.

Black/White Silage Film

Black/White Silage Film uses imported MPE metallocene linear low-density polyethylene (M-LLDPE) as raw material, and is made with three-layer co-extrusion process. It has high light cutoff, high oxygen barrier rate, puncture resistance, tear resistance, cold resistance, and can be used in harsh environments.

25/50/75 cm Silage Film

Raw material: LLDPE polyethylene

Length: 1500/1800m

Width: 25/50/75cm

Thickness: 25mic (micron)

Elongation rate: 400-600%

Color: green, black, white

Transparency: opaque

UV: Anti-UV

Antidrip Agriculture Films

Antidrip film is to prevent the direct dripping of water droplets in the greenhouse by adding dripping agent, so it is usually called non-drip film.

Green Police Tape

Product material: PE/LDPE

Common product specifications: 76mm*0.075mm

It can also be produced according to customer specifications.

Packaging method: single roll pp film packaging, or color box packaging. It can also be packaged according to customer requirements.

Yellow Plastic Sheet Roll

Material: PE

Size: custom

Advantages: anti-static, non-sticky

Features: high tensile strength and long life

Green Mulch Film

Product Prameter:

Raw material: LLDPE

Thickness: 20 micron Width: 2 meter Weight: 10 kg
Thickness: 20 micron Width: 1 meter Weight: 10 kg

Also accept custom.

PLA Biodegradable Courier Bags

Product parameter:

Specification: various types ( can also custom )

Raw Material: PLA / PBAT / corn starch / EPI Biodegradable material

Features: Biodegradable Courier Bags


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