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Provide many specs of pe films, can also custom according to your requirements.

PLA Biodegradable Courier Bags

Product parameter:

Specification: various types ( can also custom )

Raw Material: PLA / PBAT / corn starch / EPI Biodegradable material

Features: Biodegradable Courier Bags

Steel / Aluminum Plate Packaging Film

Thickness: 0.02 – 0.14 mm

Material: PE

Width: custom

Length: custom

Application: surface protection film

Plastic Drop Sheet Roll

We are leading plastic drop sheet, masking film and mattress bag manufacturer in China.

Main features: Dustproof, Waterproof, Tear-resistant, You can spread it on the furture, the carpet, floor to avoid paint pollution and dust when painting house, renovation or out of house for long trip.

Compostable Tablecloth

Our eco-cloth can be used as a drop cloth, tablecloth, or as plastic sheeting for furniture and can go right in the compost bin after use. Crafted from plant-derived resin, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers so they even enrich the soil once you toss them.

Biodegradable Plastic Bag

Our BIODEGRADABLE bags are available with a variety of barrier properties to ensure that your products inside stay fresh but has the added benefit of having a low environmental impact – this starts right from the source by using renewable resources to create the materials and ends in your compost pile.

Orange Hazard Tape

Our orange hazard tape roll is manufactured from 1.2 mil / 1.5 mil / 2 mil / 4 mil thick polyethylene. It is 165 feet / 300 feet / 650 feet / 1,000 feet long, 2″ / 2.75″ / 3″ width, lightweight, economical, and can be tied, stapled or nailed into place.

Stretch Film

Material: new PE
Specification: 5KG/roll, also custom
Size: 50cm, also can custom
Color: clear


Biodegradable agricultural film manufacturer-Henan Yinfeng Plastic

Biodegradable agricultural film manufacturer-Henan Yinfeng Plastic

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Builders blue plastic sheeting rolls

Builders blue plastic sheeting rolls

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Barricade tape types

Barricade tape types

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